Carbonite has made the art of backing up files simple and secure.  Backing-up files today is more important than ever.  We no longer keep paper copies of photos, we keep digital copies.  We type papers for school and work on the computer without ever printing them.  With everything on your hard drive, the ramifications of system failure are bigger than ever.  But why choose Carbonite over an external hard drive? Here are some answers:

  1. Backing-up is done automatically.  No need to wait until a certain day or time.  As long as you are connected to the internet, you files are backed up almost immediately.
  2. No need to tell Carbonite to back up the new files or pictures you have put on your hard drive.  It does it automatically.
  3. Backup is safe in case of fire or theft.  This is especially important with a laptop, where the chance of theft is greater.
  4. You have the ability to access your files from ANY computer with an internet connection.  Also, there is an add-on for the IPhone to retrieve your files from the phone.
  5. Cost is $55 per year.  A bargain for what it does!
  6. You can easily tell if your files have been backed up with the green dot system.
  7. Unlimited Backup capacity.

Carbonite can be downloaded at