About Us

Why Do We Work The Way We Do

The story is always the same: Your computer is full of garbage. You take the time to unhook the mess of wires from your desktop computer. You lug it out to your car and drive to the nearest computer repair center. You drop it off and in a few days, possibly several weeks, you get a call that it is repaired. You drive to their shop, pick it up, drive home, attach all the wires and


We feel your pain. That’s the reason we made the decision years ago to do in-home service. We drive to your location and repair it there. When we are in your home, please, ask your questions. We are always more than happy to give our advice. We are not going to try to impress you with a lot of technical words and act like we know everything; we will take the time to answer your questions and give you some helpful tips.

Now, you may ask, what happens if it is beyond our in-home abilities? No need to worry! When this happens, we transport your computer to our shop, complete the repairs, and then return it to your home. When we deliver it, we set it up and make sure it is working to your satisfaction before we go.